Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers*

*In computer science, conferences are often the primary venue for publication and are critical for scientific dissemination [more]. One may refer to the CORE Rankings and the acceptance rate for a general idea of a conference's standing within a community.

'It doesn't tell me anything about how my data is used': User Perceptions of Data Collection Purposes [PDF]
Lin Kyi, Abraham Mhaidli, Cristiana Santos, Franziska Roesner, and Asia Biega
CHI '24

'I’m not convinced that they don’t collect more than is necessary': User-Controlled Data Minimization Design in Search Engines [pre-print]
Tanusree Sharma, Lin Kyi, Yang Wang, and Asia Biega
USENIX Security '24 (to appear)

Investigating Deceptive Design in GDPR’s Legitimate Interest [PDF] [code]
Lin Kyi, Sushil Ammanaghatta Shivakumar, Franziska Roesner, Cristiana Santos, Frederike Zufall, and Asia Biega

CHI '23
🏆 Awarded the Council of Europe's 2024 Stefano Rodotà Award in Data Protection

‘I don’t really give them piece of mind’: User Perceptions of Social Engineering Attacks [PDF]
Lin Kyi and Elizabeth Stobert
APWG eCrime Symposium on Electronic Crime Research '22


[Book Chapter] User Perceptions and Misconceptions of Dark Patterns in "Dark Patterns: Conceptualising a Key Contemporary Phenomenon"
With Raphaël Gellert, Hanna Schraffenberger, and Cristiana Santos
Edward Elgar Publishing

Workshop Papers and Extended Abstracts

Reimagining Online Consent for More Responsible and Human-Centred Data Collection [PDF]
Lin Kyi
CHI'24 Doctoral Consortium

Individual Differences and Perceived Password Security Management [PDF]
Lin Kyi, Sonia Chiasson, and Elizabeth Stobert
Who Are You?! Adventures in Authentication (WAY) Workshop (at USENIX SOUPS) '20